Office Dock UC-D55

  • Dimensions

    239 x 233x 152 mm

  • Weight

    817 g

  • Port

    USB2.0*2 / RJ45*1 / DC JACK*1

  • Certification


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The office dock is designed to fix device right on it and it makes the device in a comfortable position for user.  In parallel, it improves the efficiency so that the users can do more things.  The insertion ports are adopted in the bottom to connect the device and transfer data. Also, the indicator light on the bottom will present the status. The office docks have UC-D52 and UC-D55 . UC-D55 used with UW55 , the UC-D52 used with UA56 and UW52 .

 The office dock is very easy to carry. Office dock doesn't add too many weight for users.  Compare with the pros and cons, office dock can bring more benefits for users. It can become a useful assistance. It can complete more easily for users. Office dock provides a brace with device, if the users need to put device upright on background or the device have to leave hands, office dock is a best way to continue work.

Office dock can offers a good way to fix the device and don't be harm to it. At the same time, it is very easy to use. Office dock is specify for different device .We have fully-integrated office docks. Every office dock has two USB interfaces. It is enough for users. VGA interface can output data. Except it, the office dock have an interface can connect the network.  The device can transfer data by pogopin. The office dock can operate smoothly within a wide temperature range from 5 to 40 degrees. It can sure the safety of charging.

 A6 hOffice dock has the indicator to help the users to distinguish the status. Office dock can be charged if it has no power .If the office dock is working with device properly, then the indicator light is bright green.


    • OEM&ODM
    • Provide all-round services including but not limited to rebrand, Android and Windows, rugged design  and customized accessory in maintenance.
    • All Day
    • 7*24-hour consulting services to provide the most effective and fastest services and intelligent cloud all-weather real-time monitoring to ensure maximum avoidance of customer losses.
    • Comprehensive
    • Provide all-round services including but not limited to rebrand, Android and Windows, rugged design and and customized accessory in maintenance.
    • Full Devotion
    • Pay close attention to the opinions and requirements of customers, solve problems as soon as possible, and provide high quality services.


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    • Operating System

      Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit

    • Memory & Storage

      8 GB+128GB SSD

    • Dimensions(W x H x D)


    • Display